Asphalt and Parking Area Maintenance 

Dakota Concepts specializes in every aspect of asphalt and parking area maintenace. From routine maintenance such as crack sealing, sweeping, seal caoting and line striping to new parking area design and paving.  Dakota Concepts makes your first impression a great one!

Dakota Concepts has the experience you want and the customer service you deserve. Dakota Concepts is headquartered in Bismarck, North Dakota. We understand what harsh winters and hot summers do to asphalt and are equipped with the best tools to keep your parking lot, driveway, or roadways looking brand new.

Services from Dakota Concepts are:

  • Parking area cleaning and sweeping
  • Crack sealing
  • Asphalt seal coating
  • Traffic painting and marking
  • Asphalt patching
  • Residential asphalt paving and design
  • Commercial asphalt paving and design
  • Residential gravel and recycled asphalt surfaces
  • Excavating and dirt work
  • Aggregate and topsoil hauling
  • Asphalt cutting and milling
  • Asphalt overlays
  • Commercial snow removal
  • Snow hauling
  • Commercial sanding
  • Commercial ice removal services

Dakota Concepts delivers on your schedule! Call us today to schedule a service at 701-425-1166.