Our Services

Parking area cleaning and sweeping

Make your first impression a great one! Dakota Concepts will clean and sweep the parking area of your business. Perfect for spring cleaning or anytime. Dakota Concepts can clean your parking area as needed, or you can contract with us for the season to keep things looking clean and neat.  

The cleaning of dirt and debris from any surface is an integral part of maintaining the integrity of that surface.  Over time, excess dirt and debris can harm a surface by locking moisture ontop of the area or adding an abbrasive layer that can damage the surfaces structure.

Crack sealing

Filling cracks in your pavement is an essential part of protecting your investment and keeping it looking good. Crack sealing prevents erosion and keeps cracks from getting bigger due to climate changes. It also keeps water out and prevents asphalt breakdown.  

Why do cracks form?

Unlike concrete, asphalt is laid as one surface without breaks or cuts. This uniform surface does not allow for expansion and contraction, causing cracks to form.

Why should I seal the cracks?

The base layer of any asphalt or concrete surface is gravel and sand. If the base layer is allowed to physically change, damage will occur on the surface. Water is the most common reason for erosion in the base layer. If water is allowed to reach the base layer, it will form low areas, leaving gaps under the surface. This causes the asphalt to sag, and a pothole will form.

Protect your investment by sealing cracks before water invades, causing more costly repairs.

How will tar sealing protect my asphalt?

Hot rubberized tar will seal the surface so that no water can penetrate the base layer of your asphalt. The tar will also move into the low areas and gaps, where it will aid in supporting the surface.  


Asphalt seal coating

Asphalt seal coating is a process designed to strengthen and protect existing asphalt surfaces. Dakota Concepts has refined two different sealant methods, asphalt emulsion and coal tar emulsion, into one hybrid sealant that rejuvenates, protects, and rebuilds deteriorated asphalt surfaces. This sealant features high-grade sand that fills pitted and low areas and brings those areas back to level, as well as adding traction for the winter months.

Many asphalt companies apply sealants by machine. While this process is faster, it does not apply the sealant evenly and thoroughly. Dakota Concepts applies the sealant by hand through a process developed to ensure proper application depth, coverage, and cleanliness.

Asphalt seal coating protects and replaces the molecules that make up asphalt. Over time, asphalt breaks down, causing the surface to lose elasticity and the ability to repel water and chemicals. Seal coating prevents these breakdowns and increases the life of your asphalt.

Seal coating also protects against mineral deposits from gas, oil, and petroleum products. Because asphalt is a byproduct of petroleum distillation, it breaks down when it comes in contact with other petroleum-based products. 

Traffic painting and marking

Dakota Concepts clearly marks traffic flow patterns for you. This maintains order  and safety for your clients within your parking lot or other traffic areas.

Asphalt patching

Asphalt patching is an essential part of protecting your investment and keeping it looking good. Asphalt patching prevents erosion and keeps holes from getting bigger due to climate changes. It also keeps water out and prevents asphalt breakdown.

Residential and commercial asphalt paving and design

Whether you need asphalt at your business or on your driveway at home, Dakota Concepts can design and install an asphalt surface that works best for you.

Residential gravel and recycled asphalt surfaces

If you need gravel for your home or farm, Dakota Concepts can install a gravel or recycled asphalt surface to keep your road ready for traffic. 

Excavating and dirt work

Dakota Concepts has the tools to get your ground ready for your next building or landscaping project. We will dig, move, and haul away any dirt you need moved.

Aggregate and topsoil hauling

Need topsoil or gravel moved? Call Dakota Concepts if you need topsoil, dirt, aggregate, or gravel hauled in or hauled out.

Asphalt cutting and milling

Need to move asphalt for a new project? Dakota Concepts will cut and mill your asphalt to make way for a new surface. Plus, the milled asphalt can be used in your new surface. Call Dakota Concepts today!

Asphalt overlays

Asphalt overlays keep your parking lot and driveway looking great and prevent the harmful effects of weather damage. Call Dakota Concepts today for asphalt overlays.

Commercial snow removal

Dakota Concepts works round the clock during the winter to keep your lot free from snow. We work by the job or by contract to keep your parking lot and sidewalks clean and ready for clients!

Snow hauling

The snow can pile up pretty fast in North Dakota. Dakota Concepts is here to remove your snow and haul it away so you don’t have to deal with it!

Commercial sanding

Ice is a major problem in North Dakota and can be costly if you don’t keep it under control. Dakota Concepts offers sanding to make sure your clients have traction while coming to your business.

Commercial ice removal services

Dakota Concepts works round the clock during the winter months to keep your lot and walks free from ice. Hire us by the job or by contract to keep your parking lot and sidewalks clean, ice free, and ready for clients!